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About us

About us

We are a young company working on design, manufacturing, service and sale of equipment and systems for professional audio/video technology. On request of our customers We create solutions from the scratch as well as repair and reconstruct professional and rare audio/video equipment. We work with broadcasters, integrators and installation contractors. We provide constant contact with the customer at all stages of cooperation.

Our team consists of skilled professionals with years of experience in the field of television production and the design, manufacture and service of equipment.

Our associates have numerous certifications such as IPC, SEP and others.

We work all the time and we are fast:

  • kwadratGuaranteed response time 12 hours from the instant of request
  • kwadrat Servicing begins at about 8 p.m. on the date repair request and lasts until the effect is reached, sometimes even until 4 a.m. the next day
  • kwadratOn special requests We work on Saturdays and Sundays

Job is done first, then the documents come

  • kwadratWe trust our customers, so we start repairing equipment even before the paperwork
  • kwadratWe know how time is important to our customers, particularly television and radio broadcasters

We are flexible

  • kwadratWe are open to negotiating prices and scopes of work. There is nothing to be impossible.

We are professionals.

  • kwadratWe have a well-equipped laboratory
  • kwadratProfessional service technicians work for us
  • kwadratWe are using professional equipment such as: solderinf furnaces, analog and digital oscilloscopes, soldering and hot air stations, AES/EBU, HD-SDI signal generators, electronic load, numerous meters, laboratory power supplies and many other devices

What makes us different?

  • kwadratWe employ young and dynamic technicians
  • kwadratOur repairs are instant and often much cheaper than authorized or manufacturer services
  • kwadratWe always clean the circuit boards, remove any dirt inside and outside the devices
  • kwadratWe never say that something would not be worth repairing or cannot be repaired
  • kwadratWe simplified the paperwork to the indispensible minimum

Our equipment:

We have extensive facilities of specialized equipment, such as:

  • kwadratLaboratory power supplies and artificial loads
  • kwadratDesoldering and soldering stations, soldering furnaces
  • kwadratMultitrack recorders and players
  • kwadratProfessional VCRs
  • kwadratNumerous professional condenser and dynamic microphones
  • kwadratMicrophone preamplifiers, audio-video interfaces, converters,
  • kwadratAnalog and digital oscilloscopes, wave-form monitors
  • kwadratMicroscopes
  • kwadratA number of different measuring devices, multimeters and other

We encourage you to contact us and establish cooperation,

Marcin Dąbrowski

   with KorDa team